My internship experience with the AAT

My internship with the AAT

I spent two weeks of my internship at Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) in the Public Affairs & Public Policy team, which was insightful.

Initially I did not expect to be exposed to such a number of projects and external visits, but it was those experiences that made the start of the internship so enjoyable.

Aaron in Strangers Dining Room, Parliament

I went to the Thames Pavilion (located on the riverside of the House of Commons) where I was able to have a drink with some Members of Parliament (MPs) and discuss different topics as well as attending an event in the “Strangers’ Dining Room”, allowing me to meet more MPs, peers and business people.

There were also visits to HMRC where I was able to discuss a few topics about tax and education, which was beneficial for myself and my CV!

In addition to this, I drafted a zero-carbon report which elaborates on how we can remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit by 2050. This report will eventually be sent to Parliament, which I’m looking forward to.

I also met up with Bill Dodwell, the new(ish) Director of the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) and was able to make recommendations for current tax systems and how to potentially improve them. I took the opportunity to ask various questions on behalf of myself and family since it’s not every day you get to meet the Director of Tax Simplification!

I’ve had a lot to do but it’s all interesting and time went by very quickly. I had a very supportive team and my thanks goes out to them for helping me develop so much in such a short amount of time.

I look forward to the rest of my internship with the company!

Written by Aaron Phiri

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