Matthew Jakob – chartered accountant

Case study: Matthew Jakob – chartered accountant with the Department for Transport

Matthew Jakob

Tell us about the first day of your placement… 
I remember being a bit shell-shocked at quite how big an operation a big bank really is. I had a slick company induction and then was introduced to a lot of people and told a lot about what everyone did. Then I forgot it all straightaway! I think I spent the rest of the time on the phone to the IT helpdesk trying to get an email and login for my computer.

What did you do on your placement? 
My main job was to index trade confirmations on products between UBS and other banks, making sure they were allocated to the right client manager. I also helped with reporting, ensuring any queries were flagged as risks and investigated promptly.

What was your proudest moment during your placement? 
As part of the programme myself and some other interns organised a charity sale of clocks across the office – it doesn’t sound so impressive now, but it was satisfying to have a project that we were all responsible for and could follow through from start to finish.

What impact has your placement had on your career?
After my placement, I got a job at UBS. Having done the placement, I felt confident being in the working world. I knew what to expect and what I needed to do to progress. The City of London Business Traineeship programme brings you into contact with so many talented people – both candidates on the scheme and colleagues at your hosting companies – so you really get an idea of what successful people look like. These people have been really useful templates for me in managing my own career.

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  • The team at The Brokerage have put together a very well thought out programme. They have even asked students to trial their content and have taken our thoughts into their consideration. All the modules will be really helpful to me because they target exactly what I am not sure about such as how to write a good CV and cover letter, and how to use LinkedIn most effectively. I think this has been a very beneficial opportunity to me; I can’t wait to start the programme!

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