Salma S – Insurance Intern

Salma first joined The Brokerage in 2018, when she was in 6th form. Before securing her first internship with Fidelis she took part in several experiences with The Brokerage to build her skills and knowledge. These included a CV workshop and an online insight event with a law firm.

In 2022, while studying at Politics and International Relations at Nottingham university, Salma applied for and secured an internship at Fidelis Insurance group. She spent the summer working as a sustainability intern, alongside a group of other Brokerage interns. 

During the internship, Salma was able to develop her knowledge of the business, shadowing people from various departments and attending client meetings. She also developed her skills and was able to expand her professional network. 

“Learning corporate etiquette was something new which I was really glad that I was exposed to as it is very useful for the future. I was also really surprised with how much company exposure I got as Fidelis’ culture is very open and progressive, meaning that I got to experience a lot of the other departments as well as ESG. This was facilitated by Fidelis’ very supportive [HR colleague] who organised ‘Coffee and Connect’ sessions each week when different heads/ employees across departments talked to us about their work!”

Salma felt the internship was successful, and Fidelis clearly agreed as they invited her back in summer of 2023 for a second internship. Salma is currently studying for an Msc in the Political Economy of Europe at LSE.

“The placement has been incredibly rewarding – I have learnt so much about the insurance industry, ESG,corporate life, networking and just what’s out there. Thanks to the Brokerage, I could get an internship at a company I truly admire and get an insight into a career sector which I’m interested in pursuing after I graduate. I’ve made long-term friends, built my knowledge, communication skills and technical skills and I have a clearer idea of my career plans thanks to the Brokerage and Fidelis!”

  • The Brokerage is truly a life-changing organisation. I think I can confidently say that without The Brokerage I would not have begun a career in the insurance sector.

    Brokerage Mentee