Recruitment services

Apprenticeship and school leaver recruitment

We help leading companies to meet their diversity and recruitment needs by introducing them to a diverse pool of local talent. 

For a small fee, we help employers fill high calibre roles for apprenticeships and school leaver jobs - all registered candidates of post A level school leavers have previously participated in our programmes.

We can also help you to find talented graduates from our Alumni Network - candidates who have participated in internship programmes post A level and then go on to study at university.

We provide our candidates with CV workshops, 'work ready' preparation, interview technique skills, pre-interview and selection centre briefings so they are as prepared as anyone for the recruitment processes.

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Paid internships

We also fill any kind of paid internships which you may have available, providing an opportunity to a young person without the connections or networks of more privileged young people.

Check out our 2016 Impact Report to read about the impact our programmes have had on corporates.

To discuss your company's needs, please contact Melissa on 020 7628 9904.


Sessions and workshops

Over 2000 students engaged in our school-based sessions and workshops in 2016

Foreign exchange trading

41% of global foreign exchange trading takes place in the UK

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