Please use the links below to download resources for The Brokerage Online Mentoring Programme.

  1. Mentor Code of Conduct
  2. Mentor_training
  3. STACK skills mapping

Session content

You can download all the content in one go, or just the session plans you think you might need.

Remember, session plans below are just a guide. You may feel you want to discuss other topics or approach topics in a different way to that suggested in the content. This is absolutely fine.

If you’re not sure what to do, please reach out to your programme manager.

  1. All content (PDF | DOC)
  2. Setting smart goals (PDF | DOC)
  3. Personal SWOT analysis (PDF | DOC)
  4. Managing your time effectively (PDF | DOC)
  5. Developing Resilience (PDF | DOC)
  6. Creating a high impact CV (PDF | DOC)
  7. Writing a cover letter (PDF | DOC)
  8. Creating an online brand (PDF | DOC)
  9. Preparing for an interview (PDF | DOC)
  10. Making the most of your time as an undergraduate (PDF | DOC)
  11. A day in the life of a financial services professional (PDF | DOC)
  12. What is insurance? (PDF | DOC)
  13. What is investment banking? (PDF | DOC)
  14. What is corporate law? (PDF | DOC)
  15. Presentation skills – Content preparation (PDF | DOC)
  16. Presentation skills – Practice and delivery (PDF | DOC)
  17. Mentoring action plan (for final session) (PDF | DOC)